Are you looking for an exclusive and original gift for your company or client events?   
Do you want to innovate with a unique promotional tool? 
Flipbook is a new photo present that, besides being an object and a memory, is an experience: 
an animated booklet to give to your guests, customizable and with your brand… for ever!  


For PR Firms , department and marketing   events
Through photography you can differentiate your service proposal, offering an original and unforgettable story to each participant: 100% experiential marketing!
The animated booklet is perfect for product promotions, conventions, trade fairs, parties or events where giving a present to all guests adds value.
A customizable animated booklet that you can… instantly share!!
After 90 seconds, each guest can have in his hands a personalized album with frames of the video that was just recorded!
Guaranteed quality
We are photographers specialized in events, and by using our experience, we can offer you a complete service that includes an animated booklet with high quality images and excellent printing, easy and quick.

How do you make a  FLIPBOOK ?

It’s an easy, quick and fun process, that just takes 3 steps:
1 we shoot a 7 seconds video on a set, while the guests interact and have fun with some funny stage props (hats, glasses, feather boas…). An entertainer energizes the recording session to get the best result.
2 In only 90 seconds we print the Flip Frame animated booklet.
3 Delivery to the customer, who takes home an animated booklet of unique photos, containing 60 images with your brand visible, summarizing the very best moments of the recording session.
# High quality product 
> Printed in black & white or color with a matt finish
> Convenient size to carry or keep (5x9cm).
> 60 pages booklet: each unit contains 60 images and the option to include 10 advertisements within them. (Recommended proportions, subject to change).
> Personalized cover: With the design provided by the client, with the possibility of adapting it to the cover size.
# Quick: once the video is recorded, we only needed 90 seconds to create the booklet 
# Volume and immediacy: we can deliver up to 50 units / hour during the event. 
# Minimum space: the set only occupies 9 m2 and one power socket.  
# Personalised stage props to fit the needs of each brand and event. 



Smiles, anecdotes, fun during the session, surprise for the final result, and then: Flipbook is a present that you can share with friends, family and acquaintances, where the client interacts and becomes part of the brand. Afterwards, you can keep it … to show it again!


Using only 9 m2  of space and one single power socket our team can get the greatest results. Without disturbing the organizers during the party.


Each animated booklet contains approximately 50 pages with photographs of the participants and 10 pages for brand advertising. This way advertising and promotion campaigns can be adapted, and shared not only with the participants, but also for anyone else viewing the FLIPBOOK.


Our team consists of an expert photographer and an entertainer. We cover the event autonomously and having an eye for all the little details.


We offer this service the entire peninsula so that all the attendees to the even can take with them an unforgettable souvenir of your company celebration, product promotions, conventions, stands, events, or Anniversaries.


Flipbook is a new product, so it is a very innovative promotional present that can set a trend in your proposals.

Make a Difference with Flipbook Barcelona!


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